LG and many other major smartphone brands such as Samsung, Apple, and even Nokia are expected to come up foldable display.

The foldable displays are the most anticipated thing, which is expected to happen this year (2017). Technology has grown so far that after the larger (display) form factor, the smartphone is getting drifted to foldable displays.

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LG Foldable Display

LG has filed another patented for a foldable phone, well, this time the filed patent reveals that the phone-tablet fold on the vertical side. So basically, you can get the tablet-looking device in Landscape mode.

LG Foldable

The filed document reveals that the device will come with a touchscreen display on the front and the back, while the middle/bending side could be used as notification bar.

LG Foldable 

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Coming to the back profile, there is additional display is positioned a camera, flash, fingerprint scanner and the power buttons, which LG is using for years now. Much like Asus foldable Zenbooks, this can be positioned in a tent mode.

Though there a lot of render images surfaced on the internet, but there is still no info on the foldable smartphone, We are yet to see this coming.