Last year, Twitter pulled out Vine from its service, though it was rumored to sell it out, but it didn’t happen and luckily, Twitter promised to bring it back, just as a camera.

Yes, just as a camera. There is no social network attached to it anymore. If you’re Viner, can download all your old Vines from the site but cannot upload any new.

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Vine App To Vine Camera

In the latest update, the vine app has turned into Vine Camera (both on Android and iOS). Well, with this app you can shoot the same old six seconds videos especially with almost same interface and tools as with the previous Vine app.Vine Camera

Never to forget, though you can shoot the six seconds video but you cannot it to the Vine’s old social network (as there is no social network involved in it anymore). The videos can be shared on Twitter and that’s it. That’s all you can do with the new Vine Camera app.

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Have a look last look at the Vine app and try updating it. And if you don’t have and want to have a look;