Google’s parent company Alphabet, announced that its X lab has come up with a new method of providing internet connectivity to certain places that will require fewer balloons, in turn, less operational cost.

Google’s X lab launched a balloon into the stratosphere over Peru, and it stayed there for 98 days. Alphabet’s X lab is the home to Project Loon.

What Is Project Loon?

It is an effort of beaming internet from stratosphere down to people here on earth. Balloons are the main source for providing the internet. So, these balloons can fly over areas of the globe where the internet is unavailable and stay there long enough to provide people with reliable internet. (problem here is balloons tend to float away).

X, The Moonshots Factory Said (on Google+ post);

Over the last few months we were able to make some major breakthroughs by applying machine learning techniques to our navigation algorithms, and as a result, we can now get teams of balloons to cluster together over a particular region of the earth.

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Google introduced Project Loon back in  2013. Facebook has a very similar initiative but with drone. Apart from Project Loon, Google is actively sorting out internet problem by providing Wi-Fi at train stations and so on.