Meizu is all set to take on Qualcomm Quick Charge technology with; Meizu Super mCharge Technology. This could be an important leap in the smartphone charging technology. The bad news is that we will only be able to see this next year, according to a Weibo post.

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Meizu Super mCharge Technology

Meizu claims to obtain an output charge of 55W, which apparently no other OEM has managed to pull off till now. We haven’t seen such numbers may be because of the thermal constraints of the device and charging capabilities usually depend in the SoC.

By combining the freshly designed device, battery and charging technology, Meizu claims to have achieved the Super mCharge. In addition to offering three times the charging capacity, the Super mCharge will keep relatively cool at a maximum temperature of 39-degree Celsius.
On paper, the technology looks fascinating, especially when we really want a longer battery life, no matter if the device has a larger battery or super optimized software to save battery and we can’t wait to see it become a reality.

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