Google Allo has launched a year ago, and there have been petite changes and one among them is Allo Web chat, which is a web client. This was introduced in August, it only worked in Chrome. Well, today, support expands to Opera, Firefox, and iOS.

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Google Allo Web Chat

Much like any other web clients, to use Allo web, you have to go to its landing page and you will get a QR code to scan with your phone. The two clients connect and you are done. You can use Allo messaging in your browser.

According to AndroidPolice, the iOS support for Allo is puzzling. To Work, Open the Allo web page in Safari and Chrome, there will be a pull-up screen asking you to visit the web landing page on a PC, which offers a QR code. Scan that via the button on the page and it will connect to Allo on the iOS device.

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Now, Google Allo joins the league for messaging apps which also provides web clients, but still, it doesn’t have SMS support. We hope to see it get added down the line.