Google announced the new version of TensorFlow in Google I/O back in May. The latest version of TensorFlow was built help mobile devices. Well, today, Google has released a developer preview of TensorFlow Lite.

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Developer Preview Of TensorFlow Lite

The evolution of TensorFlow is aimed at creating a more lightweight machine learning solution for smartphones and other embedded devices. This brings in low-latency interference from machine learning models to less robust devices.

TensorFlow Lite

TensorFlow Lite focuses on applying existing capabilities of models to new data, rather than learning new capabilities from existing data. The lightweight product could initialize quickly and improve model load times on a variety of mobile devices. TensorFlow Lite supports the Android Neural Networks API.

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This clearly isn’t a full release, there is more to come. Well, TensorFlow Lite is tuned and ready for the different vision and natural language processing models like MobileNet, Inception v3 and Smart Reply. It is available now for both Android and iOS app developers. Developers can read TF Lite documentation for more.

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