Facebook has launched its new application; Facebook Creator App. This app is aimed at Content Creators whose full-time job is to create video content for the internet, by providing an intuitive way to make an original video, go live, an insight feature and more.

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Facebook Creator App Helps Creator

The Creator app includes features like to add custom stickers, video frames and includes intros and outros to their (creator) Live broadcasts. In addition to that, the social networking giant is bringing “Facebook for Creators” to its desktop site, which will give suggestions and tips to improve the video-making skills.

There is also a Community Tab, which will pull together all comments on their videos and reply from across entire Facebook’s ecosystem i.e from Instagram and Messenger. Other than the highlighted feature, the app provides the curated page analytics to track views, like and comment.

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Facebook said that it is currently testing shows with a set of creators and plans to roll out more broadly in the future. Facebook Creator app is now available for iOS from Apple Store and will be available for Android users in the coming months.


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