We are coming to the end of 2017 and rather than waiting for January 1st to unveil the list of top apps and games. Google has given us a rundown of its most popular apps, games, and other content of 2017.

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Top Apps, Games: Best Of 2017

Based on the popularity alone, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was the most downloaded (new) game of the year. However, Google didn’t say how many downloads the game had on its Google Play Store.

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It is worth noting that Nintendo separately claimed that the game had more than 200 million downloads across Android and iOS since its launch in December 2016. Well, down below are the list of top apps, games, popular TV shows, books, and movies of 2017.

Most Popular New Apps Of 2017

Most Popular New Games Of 2017

Top Five Streamed Songs Of 2017

Top Five Movies Of 2017

Top Five TV Shows Of 2017

Top Five Books Of 2017

If you want to check out all of the categories and options, head over to Google Play here.

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