Twitter-owned Vine was a video sharing platform has brewed whooping performances by the viners, but was shut down in late 2016. Well, the co-founder of Vine Dom Hofmann has teased the second version of Vine (Vine 2.0).

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Vine 2.0 Teased By Vine Co-Founder

Vine wasn’t an app, it was a culture. After the cruel demise of the app, the Viners has scattered to Instagram and YouTube and has got throbbing success on both the platform. But Perhaps, it’s not too late.

Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann tweeted a simple logo ‘V2’ in the platform’s signature type and color, which probably means that Vine 2.0 is on its way. Hofmann, a week ago tweeted that he is ‘going to work on a follow-up to Vine and will fund himself’.

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Hoffmann is keeping this project outside, so, to keep it from interfering with other work at this current company Interspace. Moreover, he tweeted that, he would share more as the project develops.

Well, the chances of a potential Vine 2.0 happening are still pretty unclear. This self-funding concept is new for Vine, moreover, USA Today reported that the original Vine was bought by Twitter for $30 million in 2012, which happened before Vine even launched.

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