Nvidia launched a new desktop GPU; Titan V, this is designed to bring a massive amount of power to people who are working on machine learning applications, researching, developing applications and so on.

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Titan V Desktop GPU

Nvidia promises that Titan V will have increased performance over its predecessor (thanks to Nvidia’s Volta architecture) while maintaining the same power requirements. Well, the Titan V sports a 110 teraflops of raw computational capacity, which is nine times that of its predecessor.

GPUs comes really handy for executing calculations for machine learning systems. The latest chip is meant for the data scientist, machine learning researchers, developers, who are building and testing machine learning systems on desktop computers.

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In addition to that, users will be able to use Nvidia’s GPU Cloud software to get further performance improvements on their workloads. Just to know, the NGC provides an optimized version of popular machine learning frameworks for optimized AI development.

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The Nvidia Titan V is priced at US$ 2,999 (roughly Rs 1,93,360 / EUR 2549) for a single Titan V card. It is available starting today and will be sold online through Nvidia’s Store in selected countries. So, what are you building?


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