Charging your mobile devices wirelessly is certainly a futuristic thing to think about. Well, it is about time, the developer of San Jose-based startup, Energous announced that it has received FCC certification for over the air and power-at-a-distance wireless charging technology.

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Energous WattUp Power-At-A-Distance Charging

The wireless charging is achieved with its WattUp Mid Field transmitter. It is the first generation WattUp Mid Field transmitter, which then, converts electricity into radio frequencies, and beams the energy to nearby devices outfitted with a corresponding receiver at a distance of three feet.

The technology is capable of doing both contact and contact-less wireless charging with an accretion of charging multiple devices simultaneously. In extension to that, Wattup can automatically charge devices as needed until the fuel is restored. Notably, Energous is the only company to achieve Wireless Charging 2.0.

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The best part of WattUp ecosystem is, it is flexible (accessible to users) and works regardless of the manufacturer and ensures interoperability between receivers and transmitters. The company will be demonstrating the WattUp technology at CES 2018.


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