Microsoft gave a detailed information on; Microsoft smart thermostat in collaboration with Johnson Controls. Dubbed GLAS, the thermostat will track indoor and outdoor air quality and adjust temperatures accordingly.

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Microsoft Smart Thermostat

This intelligent thermostat comes integrated with Cortana to display information and enable voice control. This GLAS includes a monitor the air quality, both inside and outside the house and consequently regulate the temperature. It also uses Cortana to display information and enable voice control.

Microsoft Smart Thermostat

The presence of the translucent display makes GLAS suitable for installation in the most environments, but unavoidably raises the price, which is speculated to be around USD 319. This based on Windows 10 IoT operating system, powered by Snapdragon 410E SoC, WiFi interface, and Bluetooth.

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The GLAS will support temperature controls, weather forecasts, and other skills through a mobile app, browser or Cortana voice controls. You’ll able to install GLAS in residential or commercial buildings.

In addition to that, the thermostat will support most 24VAC heating and cooling systems, including most gas, electric, oil, radiant and forced air systems. The pre-orders will start from next March, interested users can find more information on the official website.


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