Google Assistant is everywhere, it doesn’t only live on phones, TVs, smartwatches, and speakers. Google has been catching up with Amazon‘s Echo devices for years now. Well, it is now taking a big leap to expand its Assistant reach.

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Lenovo Smart Display Unveiled

Google is introducing a new Smart Display platform designed for partners like Lenovo to make products like Echo Show alike devices. Lenovo is one of the first partners and JBL, LG, and Sony is also coming up with their unique approach.

IMG: Engadget

Lenovo entered the stream with two variants; 8-inch (1200 x 800) and 10-inch (1920 x 1200). Both are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 624 chipset, coupled with 2GB RAM and 4GB storage. It has a large vertical speaker screens and a tiny slider on the right side to physically cover their built-in 720p cameras (privacy protection).

The Lenovo Smart Display worked best in landscape mode. It actually runs on Android Things OS and boots directly into the Assistant interface, which clearly means that you can’t be installing apps like you would do with Android tablets. It totally depends on Assistant as it doesn’t even have a browser in it.

Lenovo Smart Display
IMG: Engadget

In extension to that, it supports all Google apps like Duo for video calling support, Google Maps, YouTube for video streaming, and even Google Photos. It will also support third-party apps for greater flexibility. Well, Lenovo is planning to release both devices in the summer at US$199 (roughly Rs 12,640 / EUR 166) for the 8-inch model and US$249 (roughly Rs 15,800 / EUR 208) for the 10-inch model.


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