Biomedicine is one of the most exciting and a keen interest. Well, the latest addition is FDA approved AI can help doctors predict when their patients might die, which certainly will bring down high numbers of unexpected deaths in the US.

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FDA Approved AI Predict Death

A medical tech company in Florida, Excel Medical came up with its new WAVE Clinical Platform, an algorithm that can accurately predict whether the concerned or any medical patients is at risk of a sudden or unexpected death.

FDA Approved AI
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This platform integrates with hospital workstations and digital medical records, which include real-time data on their physiology, past medical history, family history, medications, age and other related records. With all these information, the AI can calculate the risk of patient’s death up to six hours in advance.

In addition to that, if the AI detects anything suspicious, the system can inform doctor on-call thought a smartphone app. This AI platform has been approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Not to mention, the decision was based on a series of studies at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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Stanford University also developed a new AI (that you can carry around in your smartphones) that can identify skin cancer from images and as accurate as doctors.

Lance Burton, General Manager of Excel Medical said;

Everything we do as an organization aligns toward and supports the goal of eradicating unexpected deaths in hospitals. People may say zero unexpected deaths is unattainable. We say anything other than zero is unconscionable.

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