Google announced its custom-made image processing unit (IPU) known as the Pixel Visual Core co-processor inside the Pixel 2 smartphone at its hardware event last year.

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Pixel 2 Update Enhances Your Instagram Photos

The Pixel Visual Core co-processor is now accessible to third-party apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp with an upcoming update. Well, this update will drastically improve the image quality, as it will be able to use the power of computational photography and machine learning.

The Visual Core lets you click sharper and more detailed zoomed-in shots using its RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution) algorithm. Until now, the HDR+ was limited to Pixel 2’s default Camera app, which means third-party apps could not take advantage of those Google smarts to deliver better quality imagery, but not anymore.

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In addition to that, there’s a Zero Shutter Lag that lets you capture the right frame upon tapping the shutter button with a minimal delay. The updates are rolling out over the next few days and will also come with other Pixel software improvements.

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Google will also add some fancy new winter-sport themed Augmented Reality (AR) stickers later this week. So, if you see the notification for an update on your Pixel, download it right away!


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