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Google Photos Uses AI To Make Videos; Create One For Valentine’s Day!

Google Photos has been making the themed video from the pictures you upload from a long time now and was originally introduced in late 2016. Google is expanding the AI-powered video creation with nine different themed movie sets that you can create

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Create Themed Video Using Google Photos

Google Photos has a range of themes including “They Grow Up So Fast” to the feline favorite “Meow Movie,” “Doggie Movie,” and more. Google has also rounded up Valentine’s day with a theme.

Google Photos

How To Create A Movie

Creating a movie is very nimble. All you need to do is to is;

  • Open the Google Photos app.
  • Go to the Assistant tab.
  • Tap Movie to get started.
  • You can create on your own or let Google’s machine learning algorithm.
  • Select the photos you want to make the movie with.
  • Add a soundtrack.
  • Produce it. That’s it!

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Apart from the themed movies, Google is also rolling out a feature that lets you create a photo book from your computer or phone. However, these photobooks need to be purchased and they start at USD 9.99 (roughly INR 653). This Photobook is available only for US or Canada users.

In addition to that, you can also “add partner account” option and can share your work, your library or you can choose to share only photos of specific people or from certain dates. The theme-based movies feature is rolling out to most of the country from today and it is available on both iOS or Android app.


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