Qualcomm has unveiled Snapdragon X24 LTE with a support of up to 2Gbps download speeds. This chip is built on a 7-nanometer FinFET process and is the successor of last year’s X20 LTE modem.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon X24 Modem

This modem is company’s eighth-generation LTE multimode modem and the third generation Gigabit LTE solution for the future 5G NR multimode devices and network. The modem also delivers 2x speed compared to company’s first-gen Gigabit LTE modem.

Furthermore, the X24 modem utilizes all spectrum available form a mobile operator and if any additional system capacity and improvements are made possible through the support of Full Dimension Multi-Input Multi-Output (FD-MIMO), which acts as a foundation to future 5G NR networks.

In addition to that, the Qualcomm Snapdragon X24 supports Category 20 upload speeds, 3×20 MHz CA and up to 256-QAM, up to 7X carrier aggregation in the downlink and 4×4 MIMO on up to five aggregated LTE carriers.

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The advanced RF transceiver built in 14nm FinFET processor technology and this modem will be demoed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in association with Ericsson, Telstra, and NETGEAR.


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