Last year, Google introduced the Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max. The Google Home Mini was priced relatively cheaper than the Google Home. Apart from the size, here are the few features that justify the price difference between the Google Home vs Google Home Mini.

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Google Home Vs Google Home Mini: Design And Power Differences

Google Home is powered by a DC plug, as compared to Micro-USB on the Google Home Mini. Consequently, the Google Home consumes more power as compared to the Google Home Mini. Other controls like changing volume and muting the microphone are more refined and tactile on the Google Home as compared to the Google Home Mini.

Credits: CNET

It is worth noting that, Google Home was the flagship Smart Speaker of the Google Ecosystem for over a year, and it definitely offers a better experience in almost every aspect as compared to the Google Home Mini.

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Google Home Vs Google Home Mini: Speaker Quality

For obvious reasons, Google Home offers a better sound quality and volume than the Google Home Mini. The Google Home Mini has a size of a donut and is lacking in bass.

Credits: CNET

The Home Mini lacks behind as no one can install dual drivers or a bass generating woofer in a small sized body. You should definitely consider Google Home if a good sounding speaker is on top of your priority list.

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Google Home Vs Google Home Mini: Features & Functions

In terms of AI capabilities, both these smart speakers are similar to each other. They will process almost every command in the exact same manner. What makes them different is the hardware integrated into these smart speakers. The Google Home has two far-field microphones compared to one on the Home Mini.

Google Home Vs Google Home Mini
Credits: CNET

The Google Home also has a touch-sensitive top area, which brings functionalities like play/pause skip songs etc. While on the Google Home Mini we only have four LEDs that respond during an interaction.

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So as a conclusion, Google Home definitely offers better features and very easily justifies the extra price of the speaker. But again, it’s up to you what you want to opt for. Are you own or planning to get a smart speaker? Do let us know by commenting below.



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