Freemium apps, games or even icon packs are always welcomed by the users. Well, there are a few Android apps, games and icon packs that available for free for a limited time. Don’t forget to check the date of the publish to know how fast or how late you are for this deal.

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Freemium Apps, Games, Icon Packs For Free

Typically the price of these apps, games or the icon packs are US$1 (Rs 64 approx.) or more, but you can download it for free for a limited time. Do note, once you download any freemium app, it will automatically get associated with your account and will always be available in the free format.

Free App

Free Games

Free Icon Packs & Customizations

  1. Flox – Icon Pack
  2. Galaxy S9 Icon Pack & S9 Theme
  3. Marix – Icon Pack
  4. Rados – Icon Pack
  5. Lancelot Icon Pack
  6. Marble Maze Wallpaper Game XL
  7. S9 UI – Icon Pack

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These are varying collection of apps, games and icon packs that will give you some awesome time killing games and apps, and some cutting-edge ideas for your next custom home screen masterpiece or best Android setup.


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