Airtel recently stated that it is revamping its prepaid data plans to make it truly unlimited by offering a post FUP speed of 128 kbps. Addition of this accelerates company’s plans on taking on both Reliance Jio and BSNL, who also offer this service.

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Airtel Will Get Post FUP Speed To 128Kbps

Airtel offers prepaid plans that came with a daily data cap, like Rs 199 (1.4GB/day 4G data). So, upon exceeding the daily limit, users either had the option to recharge with a new plan or wait until 12:00 AM-midnight to get next day’s 1.4GB data. Not anymore.

FUP Speed

After a long request by Airtel users, the telco is finally offering a minimum speed of 128Kbps, upon completion of the daily limit, apparently making the offer truly unlimited. The 128Kbps will not be enough but will be enough to send and receive WhatsApp message, and for some casual browsing.

Airtel’s unlimited prepaid combos plans of Rs 199, Rs 249, Rs 349, Rs 399, Rs 448, Rs 499, Rs 509, and so on are all eligible for the after FUP speed of 128 Kbps. If you’re already using any of these plans, you do not need to make another recharge. Airtel plans on updating these subscribers on its own.

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BSNL also offers 128Kbps speed, while Jio has reduced the speed to 64Kbps. If you’re a Vodafone or an Idea users, not to worry, looking at the trend you will soon get to join the bandwagon soon.


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