Google Fit

Google has been revamping its products with Material Design theme. And after a bunch of other products like Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive and so on, its time for the Google Fit app to get renovated.

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Google Fit Revamped

Earlier this month, Android Police has reported that Google is working on a health and wellbeing product dubbed as Google Coach, which will recommend workouts, monitor your nutrition and more. Well, do note, the revamp of Google Fit didn’t bring or add these features (yet).

Google Fit

The new Google Fit focuses mainly on activity goals. Now, you can ear ‘Move Minutes’ for making changes to your daily routine, like walking up stairs instead of taking an elevator. For each minute of moderate activity (like jogging), you’ll get one ‘Heart Point.’ The points are doubled for more intense activities, like running or kickboxing.

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Furthermore, Google says it turned to both the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization in order to develop two activity goals: Move Minutes and Heart Points. Well, the points can also be gained from other activity apps like Strava, My Fitness Pal, Runkeeper, and Endomodo.

Google Fit

Apart from that, just like before, Fit will monitor activity using your Wear OS device (if you have one) and your smartphone. The update for Fit should roll out to Android users sometime over the next week.


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