Remove 3D Touch

Apple introduced 3D Touch to the iPhone back in 2015 and was a pretty big deal. Fast forwarding to 2018, according to an alleged report, Apple’s might say sayonara to its pressure-sensitive screen technology with its upcoming iPhones.

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Apple Could Remove 3D Touch, But Why?

According to MacRumors, Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis said that some of this year’s iPhones won’t include 3D Touch. Well, strings everything we know so far, Curtis seems to point out two rumored high-end iPhones with OLED displays, while the other rumored iPhone with a cheaper LCD screen.

Remove 3D Touch

Not just Curtis, another analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who very reliable said that it Apple won’t include 3D Touch in its latest smartphone. The 3D Touch was essentially the flagship feature on the iPhone 6S and we are not very far from it, if both analysts are right then Apple will be wasting a huge time, money and engineering.

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In these years, the feature hasn’t got a huge eye on it. To some extent, I believe the iPhone users don’t even know that it is there or don’t know how to find much use in it. Not only that, it’s too early to discard this feature as it is yet to make it into iPads.

Remove 3D Touch

Coming to other iPhone rumors, MacRumors has also spotted a new note from Ming-Chi Kuo saying that no upcoming iPhone will support the Apple Pencil. There have been discussions, but no luck (it seems). Either way, we will find out in mid-September when Apple is expected to host its iPhone event.


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