Image Credits: AndroidPit

The OnePlus hype is picking up. After the first hearing, the device will launch on T-Mobile, a leaked OnePlus 6T box got popped out online and also confirming the device will have an in-display fingerprint scanner. Now, it time to talk on new Bullet Wireless.

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New Bullet Wireless Earphones

According to DroidLife, the company’s wireless earbuds is on the way. Over at the FCC, they’re testing a new version of the Bullets Wireless labelled specifically as “OnePlus Bullets Wireless.” with model number BT32B.

Furthermore, there are photos of the label placement, which shows off the same thick cable between the earbuds.  Some people prefer this style because you don’t have to worry about a single earbud falling out.

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The Bullets Wireless from earlier this year had good sound and was priced aggressively at US$70. No denying, it did have some shortcoming. Well, it seems like the new version will take over the drawbacks. We’ll probably learn more when the rumoured OnePlus 6T is official.


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