Samsung Electronics today announced its new small lightweight GPS tracking device – SmartThings Tracker. The GPS in the tracker is connected to an LTE-M network that can easily be attached to backpacks, a set of keys, pet collars and what not?

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Samsung SmartThings Tracker

This tracker (if attached) can be easily tracked in real time through Samsung’s Android and iOS compatible SmartThings app. No just backpacks or a set of keys, family members can also use SmartThings Tracker to stay connected by sending a location notification to the SmartThings app that alerts the rest of the family.

SmartThings Tracker

Users can also use it as an arrival sensor, triggering automation, and more. The in-built LTE-M network technology provides a greater range of signal coverage over Bluetooth. In addition to that, family members can share location updates by simply pushing the SmartThings Tracker’s power button twice which sends a notification to the SmartThings app. The alert can only be seen by users with shared access.

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The Samsung SmartThings Tracker is priced at $99 (~Rs. 7,160) with AT&T service included for the first 12 months at no additional charge. It will be available through AT&T from September 14 on, select AT&T stores, and other major retailers nationwide.

Do note, after the first 12 months, pricing for AT&T service is $5 (~Rs 363) a month or $50 (~Rs 3,636) per year. The company said that it will be available through Verizon later this year.


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