Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced the next generation of Wi-Fi — Wi-Fi 6. It is based on 802.11ax technology and is also a part of the new naming approach by Wi-Fi Alliance providing users with an easy-to-understand designation. for both the Wi-Fi technology supported by their device and used in a connection the device makes with a Wi-Fi network.

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Wi-Fi 6: The Next Generation!

The new naming system identifies Wi-Fi generations by a numerical sequence which correspond to major advancements in Wi-Fi. Did you know that 802.11n predates 802.11ac? So, Wi-Fi Alliance introducing the next version of Wi-Fi 802.11ax — simply as “WiFi 6.”

Wi-Fi 6

The new name can be used by product vendors to identify the latest Wi-Fi technology a device supports, by OS vendors to identify the generation of Wi-Fi connection between a device and network, and by service providers to identify the capabilities of a Wi-Fi network to their customers.

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The Wi-Fi 5 to identify devices that support 802.11ac technology. The Wi-Fi 6 will deliver an improved experience to address device and application needs in a range of consumer and enterprise environments. Beginning with Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs based on major IEEE 802.11 releases will use a generational Wi-Fi name; the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 certification will be coming in 2019.


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