When you talk about a tech backpack one thing is pretty obvious, you expect a lot of pockets, if not assigned compartments for your gadgets. Well, one such backpack that can savour your tech backpack craving is Seute Bruxmann (and the best part is that it sounds like an agent from Kingsman).

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Seute Bruxmann: Design

Starting off with the material used; the Bruxmann is made of high-quality water-repellent PU material which feels sturdy. Not just that, the Black and Grey colour combination looks pretty good and sort of professional to me considering the fabric is thick and is of good quality.

Seute Bruxmann

Apart from that, The padding on the backside of the backpack and on the strap enhances the comfortability. The zippers on the end are strong, high quality and durable to tackle day to day strangle and hardships.

Seute Bruxmann: Into The Bag

The cool and classy look with a pinch of professionalism brings this bag into a standard category of backpacks. Well, this bag has a 180-degree opening accommodating a volume of 25 litres with compartments for a 15.6-inch laptop, a 10-inch tablet, power banks and after all of this, you will still have space left for other stuff, which is awesome.

The goodness doesn’t end, furthermore, there is also an included gadget pouch (an icing on top) which again feels sturdy and long lasting (for me, I liked the colour combo). You can carry a good amount of things in it, I generally carry a WD hard disk and earphones in this pouch and still have space left for cables and additional earphones.

Seute Bruxmann
USB Extension port

What makes any backpack, a tech backpack? of course the addition of USB extension port. Well, connect your power bank and charge your devices without any hassle on the go. The zippers are covered by the skin of the backpack which the company calls “Anti-Theft Design”, making it hard for anyone to open it from the back assuring the protection of your gadgets or goods while travelling in metro or bus.

Seute Bruxmann
The Phone Grip Suction.

The left strap of the backpack has a phone grip suction which holds any smartphone on the strap without falling. Although, the phone grip suction held the device perfect in our testing, but it is tough to convince, so check before you use. Not just that, there a wide pocket at the back of the bag, which can be used easy access to bus passes, your wallet, or anything of that size.

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Here are a few downsides of this backpack;

  • The 180-degree opening on the backpack makes it tough to open it in public as you need to open it fully to function well.
  • It doesn’t even a small pocket at the front, where there’s a mere expectation, but considering this a tech backpack with “Anti Theft” design, you can understand.

Well, the Seute Bruxmann is priced at Rs 2200 (as of now) on Amazon.in with 6 months warranty. Coming to the verdict, the Seute Bruxmann is a sturdily built backpack offering a lot of space for daily carry. And without a doubt, it is worth the price you’re paying.



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