We all know, Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry and according to a report, it is expected to reach $120 billion marks by 2022. Whether is NHL Hockey or European Football, the popularity of sports betting is demanding in Canada. If you take a keen interest in sports, follow it religiously and can predict the results why not monetize your passion?

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Researching And Analyzing Your Bet

There are hundreds and thousands of website (some real, some fake) in the world which revolve around sports market. With people joining in the betting craze every month, this market is growing. What if you want to join and get some bucks out the market cap without being forged. Well, BettingTop10 will help you that.


The BettingTop10 gathers all the odds and prices from the best online betting sites, apparently saving your time in research and analyzing. Which means, it takes the hard work out of sports betting by comparing all of the best online Canadian sportsbooks as well as bringing you the latest promotions, enhancements and big match previews.

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How Is The Research And Analyzes Going Help?

Well, BettingyTop10 is upon the faith of experienced team of sports betting and gaming specialists, who strive to provide all of the key information to Canadian sports fans. Moreover, all of the sites that we recommend are fully reputable and trusted operators, many of whom have been keeping their customers satisfied for a number of years. Each of the online bookmakers is safe, dependable and are completely free to join.


Not just that, this very website also includes a list of pros and cons which take all of the aspects and important factors into consideration and detail everything that you need to know before signing up for an account.

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Technology Involved 

Well, the BettingTop10 also brings an automated self-learning system dubbed as Betegy, which crunches the numbers in order to determine a prediction for a number of soccer matches and tournaments. It provides an advanced statistical analysis which provides extreme accuracy to their suggested outcomes.



What does it do? well, it helps users significantly improve their betting predictions and ROI, after crunching all of the data including team news and recent form. Users are given clear predictions which will provide a number of possible outcomes including goals, match result and BTTS. If Betegy cannot determine a prediction, they will mark it as a ‘No Bet’ fixture.

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There are a number of services provided by the website, which include Sports Betting Sites Reviews, Online Casino Reviews, Sports News, Sports Betting Pages and many more. Well, the combo and experience personal along with Betegy make BettingTop10 a website to rely on for your next bet.


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